Magnetize Your Match - Modules 1 - 5

This five module course is a collection of trainings from my “Relationship Mastery Group Coaching Program.”

The Conflict Resolution Course - Modules 1-4

 Get off the merry-go round of unproductive and/or destructive arguments with partners, family or friends!  In this course, you’ll learn why

PHOENIX REBORN Transformational Course

This six part series breaks down some of the most important aspects of self-healing.

Inner Child Breakthrough Course - Modules 1-4

This Course will help you reconnect with the little girl or little boy inside you, so you can begin the process of the deep rewire.

"How to hold space without abandoning yourself!" Course - Modules 1-3

Do you struggle to maintain your personal boundaries while in a “helper” role with others?  If so, this course is for you!